What's New: Torqata October 2021 Release Notes

October Release Notes


Q3 is “in the books” and the industry is gearing up to close-out 2021 as strong as possible. As always, Torqata is here to support and partner with you during this crucial time by driving better decision through analytics.

We are excited to announce our Q3 releases and introduce the benefits that are now available on the Torqata Analytics Portal.

Demand Navigator is a new lead generation and marketing campaign tool drives incremental traffic to your store. Pilot partners have seen $4 - $9 in gross profit gains for every dollar spent with 3 out of every 4th customer responding as net new on selected campaigns. And, if you are a Michelin or Hercules dealer, you can even use co-op dollars to get reimbursed for campaign costs.

Auto-Replenishment, currently in pilot with select tire retailers, allows you to automatically re-order your fast moving tires from ATD. No more stock-outs and no more manually ordering the same product day-in and day-out. Stay tuned for more distributors and more POS systems to be added over the next six months. 

Based on your feedback, we have enhanced the onboarding and data cleansing process as well as introduced many improvements to allow you to price products more competitively in Market Price Explorer

Lastly, I would like to introduce you to the Torqata Customer Success Team: Tim, Molly, Jose, Mina and Ely are here to help you get the most out of the Torqata tools. Feel free to drop us a note, or even better- come meet the Torqata team at the TirePros Conference or at SEMA.  

Auto Replenishment

Torqata uses your inventory data to automatically reorder the tires that you've sold! Configure tire SKUs for Auto Replenishment on ATD Online and they will be ordered automatically, saving you time by reducing manual orders. Currently in pilot with select dealers and partners 

  • Utilize inventory settings to automatically generate orders
  • Leverage the POS/DMS system data that you're already sending to Torqata
  • Real-time inventory API is also available for order accuracy

See how your market is pricing tires at the local and national level

Retailers using Market Price Explorer will see expanded local and national pricing visibility for competitively pricing tire inventory. Pricing can be set strategically and competitively to make sure that your pricing is aligned with your business models.

Self-serve marketing campaign builder available nationwide

Create marketing campaigns tailored to your business and connect spend to sales with Demand Navigator. This solution allows you to easily build and execute campaigns and drive more phone calls and foot traffic to your location(s). Your dashboard will show real-time results of your campaign dollars and the return on new customers and their purchases at your shop.

Your data quality matters

Customers will experience a faster onboarding experience with the Torqata Analytics Portal. You'll also see stronger controls in place to regularly monitor your data and recognize any abnormalities.


Customer Success Program

You now have dedicated Customer Success Managers that are here to help you get the most out of the Torqata solutions. These dedicated relationship managers are industry experts to help you reach your business goals. You can reach them for training sessions to produce better recommendations for your pricing, stocking, and selling strategies.

Torqata Customer Success Team

What's Ahead

We will integrate all of the Torqata tools into a simplified User Interface that better aligns with your business, showing the right data at the right time to make informed decisions. 

With our Strengthened Data Accuracy, data in the Torqata Analytics Platform will be updated daily. This will enable you to make accurate and improved decisions to run your business. 

Looking at market demand helps you plan your business. Category Compass will look at market demand by tire type, not just size and tier for precise recommendations. 

Share Your Feedback

Your feedback has helped bring many of these new features to life. We're always glad to hear from you, so contact us and let us know what you think of the new features.

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