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Drive your store's inventory towards market demand harmony with Category Compass.

Getting started with Category Compass


We compare your sales to Market Demand and ATD’s sales mix to show where there are gaps in your sales mix. Tires that you don’t sell, but that have a high performance in Market Demand and ATD sales, will negatively affect your Market Coverage score.
In Category Compass, the Brands & Styles tab will allow you to select your go-forward brands, meaning you can keep your recommendations focused on the brands you want to sell. Narrowing too much might negatively affect your Market Coverage score, as one brand will not be able to cover all market needs.
Yes. By navigating to the setup page (located in the menu on the top right of the app), and then navigating to the Your Stores tab, you can edit the details of a store by clicking on the three dots to the left of the store’s name and number.