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Understand how to compare your prices with local and national markets with Market Price Explorer.

Getting Started With Market Price Explorer


Market Price Explorer gives you the confidence to execute your pricing strategy by giving you information on the local and national average prices for the tires you sell. Compare your pricing to retailers in your area, as well as national and ecommerce competitors, to understand if your are pricing too low or too high compared to other tire stores.

This video will show you the high-level details of the market price explorer page.

Explore Market Prices

By using Market Price Explorer, you will get information for each of the products you have sold in the last twelve months. Next to your product, you will get information on MAP, local price, and national/ecommerce price (as available). This will help you understand how you compare to the other stores that your customers would reasonably see as an alternative to your store.

The information in Market Price Explorer is up to date, so you can rest assured that the pricing you see for competitors is accurate. Furthermore, we are comparing the prices that you sold the tires for to the prices of competitors, so no need to worry if your discount your products on a regular basis.

Use this video to learn about the columns on the Market Price Explorer table, and how to dive a little deeper into the data.

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Privacy is important to Torqata. Your name is not shown in the local retail prices, just as no names of local competition are shown to you. Prices are anonymized and averaged so that no retailer is personally identifiable to their local competition.
Your Price is an average of the price for the last 90 days for each product in your POS. This is to help avoid showing a price that is lower than what you would normally charge due to a discount/promotion.
Yes. Tire retailers that sell exclusively online, as well as other retailers such as Amazon and ebay, are included in the National Price calculation.