Your Data Security is our responsibility

As the key data source for the automotive aftermarket, our role comes with great responsibility. Learn how the most rigorous data management and security practices in the world ensure your privacy at Torqata.

Data Aggregation.

At Torqata, what’s yours is yours, and we document this policy in data contracts with partners.

When we do aggregate data, we take extra precaution to ensure there’s more than enough representation across multiple parties to not expose any one data source - so your privacy is always protected.

Proprietary Algorithms.

Whether it’s forecasting, customer analytics or program optimization, Torqata’s team of data scientists tackle our industry’s toughest questions, aiming to reduce over $1.5B in annual market inefficiencies.

Their work in creating proprietary algorithms helps us tackle industry challenges with data solutions you won’t find anywhere else.

SOC-2 Certified Security.

As an extra layer of security, we voluntarily hire a third party to assess our privacy measures and practices each and every year.

Currently, we are proudly SOC2 Type II compliant, which means our partners are protected across the five key trust service principles: security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy.

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Flexible Infrastructure.

Every business has different needs.

That’s why we build data-services with a modular approach, enabling us to create custom solutions for every partner.

Every approach is supported by the same technical foundations, all underpinned by the powerful and secure Google Cloud Platform.