Data & Analytics is bringing change to the tire industry.

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Make your data work for you

  • Torqata uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and optimization algorithms to help you get the most out of your operation.
  • Whether it’s setting prices that position you perfectly within the rest of the market, revamping your inventory strategy to increase your market coverage, or determining the sales mix that would be the most profitable, we’ve got you covered.
  • Come see how data analytics is changing the way that players in the tire industry do business.
Our Solutions

Powerful Solutions. Working Together.

Torqata offers a full suite of software tools for pricing, inventory strategy, and sales insights, with complete solution tool suites. When paired together they can bring your company operations to a new level.


Torqata’s Market Price Explorer helps us align our prices with local and national competition, and it shows us how our prices compare with our competition according to the market. With the data we receive, we can make price changes where or when they are needed.

John Jindra, Manager, Quality Tire Service

Torqata’s Category Compass is a gamechanger. It helps us understand what tires we should stock based on the market. We’ve developed a great partnership and have the ability to provide feedback that helps Torqata shape their recommendations.

Ara Tchaghlassian, President, American Tire Depot

Profit Expert is a powerful tool for my business. It helped me see an opportunity for $25,000 in additional profit, and the best part is, I won’t have to sell a single additional tire to achieve those results. I am very happy with the work Torqata is doing for the replacement tire industry.

Terry John, Owner, Mid Atlantic Tire Pros

Torqata’s Market Price Explorer gives us great insight in the competitive pricing for every tire we sell. I’ve been able to see how local retailers and big box chains price their tires, and we found where we may be leaving money on the table for our BF Goodrich and Uniroyal stock. That helped me look more closely at my pricing strategy, and make sure it was updated to my market’s needs.

Marc Pons, President, Chapel Hill Tire

Torqata’s solutions have been GREAT and useful additions to our process of ordering, tracking, and pricing our tire inventory. It helps us with making decisions on what size, type, price of tires and the manufactures that best server our tire store and puts us ahead of our competition. THANKS FOR THE GREAT TOOLS!!

John Jindra, Manager, Quality Tire Service

Profit Expert showed me that I sell several brands which might not be my best option for profit dollars. I can move tires from one brand to another and I end up making program dollars that I haven’t ever made before.

Kevin Edens, Owner, Sherwood Tire Pros

Simply put, Torqata’s Category Compass tool takes the guess work out of selecting sizes and SKUs to program in our locations, saving us time and giving us piece of mind that we are stocking appropriate items to serve our customers

Jason Berne, Field Operations Manager, Stonebriar Auto Services DBA Jiffy Lube