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Market Intelligence

Get Real-Time Actionable Insights

Manufacturers Distributors Retailers

Can you benchmark your sales against competitors, or is it a blind spot? What about tracking downstream results of price changes and promotions?

With Torqata, we’ll benchmark your sales for you, including pricing, and inventory trends against competitors. Unlike other companies, we’ll create daily, actionable insights that set your business up for long term success.

Success Story

We created a market intelligence portal for Yokohama employees to compare their sales and pricing against competitors in real time in order to devise sales, pricing and marketing campaigns that beat the market.


Inventory Optimization

Stock The Tires That Are Most Likely To Sell

Distributors Retailers

Balancing inventory with fluctuating demands isn’t easy.

Torqata will automate your stocking strategy so you can serve more customers, reduce days-on-hand and deadstock, and complete more sales on the spot with in-stock inventory. We use real-time data from historic sales, plus local and national trends, to reduce your capital locked up in inventory and ultimately improve your gross margin return on inventory (GMROI).

Success Story

“After starting to stock new sizes based on Torqata’s recommendation, I increased my same-day sales by 15%, 3 of them are now in my top 5 best-sellers.”
- Terry John


Pricing & Program Profitability

Compare, Plan, Measure and Track

Manufacturers Retailers

The prices you set and the promotions you deploy or participate in directly impact your sales, market share and profitability.

Torqata will benchmark pricing and sell-out from thousands of local, regional, and national retailers and compare them to your company. We’ll then provide tools to help you optimize for profitability and ROI on your pricing, programs and promotions.


Customer Analytics

Proactively Serve Consumers

Manufacturers Distributors

Wondering if and when a customer might leave you is one of those age-old questions

Torqata’s predictive models and insights will identify which of your customers are on the verge of leaving. But just as important, our models also identify which specific leads to pursue so you can maximize your value-to-time ratio.

Success Story

Torqata implemented a two-step machine learning model to predict customer churn and upselling, leading to millions in revenue generated. We identified customers with a high churn risk with 85% accuracy more than three months in advance.



Match Supply To Demand

Manufacturers Distributors Retailers

Forecasting tire sales is already really hard. It’s even more difficult with SKU proliferation, seasonality, and changing consumer needs.

Torqata combines public and proprietary datasets using real-time sell-out and inventory data. We pull this data from Point-of-Sale and Dealer Management systems of thousands of tire retailers and dealers.

No matter where you sit in the supply chain, we’ll augment existing statistical forecasts or build brand-new forecasts so you accurately produce or order the right tires every time.

Success Story

We partnered with ATD to improve their purchase order forecast for key manufacturers. Higher accuracy of shared purchase forecasts meant less slack in the supply chain for them, which led to cost savings for everyone.


Auto Replenishment

Make Ordering Easy

Distributors Retailers

It’s not easy knowing which retailer or distributor has the tire you need.

Torqata provides real-time visibility into the inventory of all our retail partners and distributors. Look up any tire based on Year, Make, Model, VIN, or directly search for what you need. For participating retailers, it means more store traffic from 3rd parties that need just-in-time servicing. For end-consumers, it means faster service and higher satisfaction.

Tire retailers and car dealerships spend countless hours placing orders into distributor and manufacturer portals. How can we free them up to focus on other important decisions?

With Torqata’s auto-replenishment service, tire retailers have the option of using your inventory positions to stock up to a minimum or maximum level from multiple supplier partners. We even determine your optimal stocking levels and use sellout data to replenish tires 1:1 so you always have high demand product, leading to an increase in fill-rates.


Inventory Visibility

Compare Brands, Style, Size, and Quantity on Hand

Retailers Distributors Manufacturers Partners

Torqata partners with retailers, distributors and manufacturers to create inventory visibility and access.

Whether you are looking to connect to a wholesaler’s stock or want to provide real time availability to your electric vehicles, or simply see what is available in your geo-location, Torqata can provide direct connection to inventory on hand.

As a data provider, we don’t offer tools for you specifically, but you are a critical contributor to our mission to make a more efficient and collaborative supply chain.

Working with Torqata will enable you to stand out from other providers that don’t take part of the modernization of our industry and gain more stickiness with your customers.

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