Category Compass and Market Price Explorer Updates

We are excited to announce the latest updates to our Torqata tools in our first major release for 2021! We have made improvements across the board, with the most noticeable ones in Category Compass and Market Price Explorer. We have focused on simplifying the navigation, improving recommendation logic, and giving you more transparency into comparable […]

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10++ Commandments of Data Science Modeling

Our analytics team at ATD is comprised of a wide variety of data scientists, data engineers, and software developers. Although we come from different backgrounds, we all touch the data science modeling component at some point or another in our daily work. To make sure we avoid situations where model building turns into a multi-month-long […]

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Launching the ATD Data Science Accelerator Program

In November, 2018 we introduced the world to our Data & Analytics Addicts at American Tire Distributors. Since that time our Analytics team has gone on to produce an award-winning tool, develop a recruiting strategy for attracting and retaining top analytics talent and fully embraced ATD’s culture of knowledge by providing associates the opportunities to develop their analytics […]

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