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What is Torqata’s Vision for the Automotive Aftermarket?

Knowing what Torqata offers is so simple that it can be explained in the premier Vision Video of less than three minutes! The benefit Torqata offers to manufacturers, distributors and retailers is clear. It addresses the rocky road of inventory, pricing and profit needs of this industry with the power of data analysis. 
Additionally, the thought leaders of the automotive aftermarket also face everything from customer demand, supply chain disruption, mixed market signals and so much more. There’s just not enough time to be a true data analyst! Enter: Torqata. 

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Video transcript:

Whether you’re a manufacturer, distributor, or retailer of tires and auto aftermarket products, you play an important role in keeping people – and whole economies – moving forward. But how can you best proceed when it’s hard to see the road ahead? 
As a retailer or dealer, you might be determining market demand in your area, stocking levels, which brands to carry, and whether your pricing is optimal. With the right data analysis, you can answer these questions. But you’re too busy taking care of customers to become an analytics expert. 
And if you’re a distributor or wholesaler, customer demand is then difficult to predict with so many SKUs to carry. Having the right products available is a challenge, especially with global supply chain disruptions and a changing Car Parc. You’re either carrying too much unsold inventory or not enough of the most in-demand products to satisfy customer needs. 
And as a manufacturer, it’s hard to plan production and marketing efforts when you’re faced with multiple, mixed market signals  and a lack of timely data to affect decisions and outcomes. You need sell-out, pricing, and inventory intelligence. Why? To forecast more accurately. Plan production cycles better. Measure marketing effectiveness. And you need it all in real-time. 

As tire and auto aftermarket industry data gets richer and more complex, navigating it gets harder. Decisions made without timely and accurate data to back them up cost the industry BILLIONS annually in waste and inefficiency. 

More importantly, those bad decisions cost YOU, too. In precious time, lost opportunities, inefficiencies, and peace of mind. But that was then. Now there’s Torqata. 

Torqata is the essential connector for the tire and auto aftermarket. The only data source and analytics engine of its kind. It puts the power of data directly into the hands of retailers. Distributors and manufacturers, too. Torqata aggregates inventory, pricing and historical sales data from across the supply chain to: 

  • Provide actionable market and demand insights that empower retailers with the tools they need to set seasonal product screens, automate inventory & ordering, price intelligently, and win against the competition… 
  • Help distributors to efficiently balance demand with supply, and  
  • Enable manufacturers to more accurately forecast demand, run effective marketing campaigns and achieve high fill rates. 

We’re a team of automotive experts and technologists who are united by the vision to drive better decisions across the industry. The wheels of innovation are spinning… 

Leverage the power of your data and build a competitive edge with Torqata. To learn more, click below to contact us and request a demo.