Solve Challenges With Torqata

Whether you want to increase margin, maximize overall profit, have data driven competitor analysis, keep up with market demand, or target a highly optimzed customer audience, Torqata can help by using analytics to solve the tire industry’s biggest challenges.

Four powerful solutions to empower your entire organization.

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Profit Expert

Ever wonder if you’re getting the most out of your vendor benefit programs? How do you strategize to make top dollar in overall profit for your business?

Profit Expert uses your input and optimization algorithms to determine what tires your store should sell to get the maximum overall profit from front end sales (price of the tire) and back- end benefits (vendor rewards programs).

  • Set your preferences for selling certain brands
  • Complete participation in benefit programs
  • Let Profit Expert determine your optimal sales mix
  • Strategically create clear target sales goals based on data

Market Price Explorer

It is hard to price tires well. It’s even harder when your customers are often doing their own research and coming to you with prices that they found online or from your local competition.

With Market Price Explorer, you can see what local, national, and e-commerce competitors are pricing their tires at in an easy to read format.

  • Strategically set price positions based on national data
  • Compare your prices against those of local competition and national retailers
  • Easily determine where you have an opportunity to rightsize your prices

Category Compass

How does the inventory you hold compare to the market demand in the areas you serve? Are the tires you carry positioned to move quickly, or will you be sitting on that inventory for a while?

Category Compass gives you insights into the types of tires that are moving in the areas you serve. We accomplish this by giving you visibility to Torqata's proprietary tire market demand figures, along with ATD's shipments to the zip codes your stores serve.

  • See how your last 12 months' sales compare to the market demand and to ATD's sales
  • Machine learning based recommendations on optimal product inventory for both existing and new store locations
  • Clear picture of market driven opportunities to better serve your customers
  • Real time response based on market changes

Demand Navigator

Ever wish there was an easy way to find your best prospects and drive them to your store? Do you struggle with connecting marketing dollars to actual sales?

Demand Navigator leverages offline and online customer behavioral data, along with Machine Learning to determine your optimal custom audience. Potential prospects include highly targeted intenders who are visiting websites and physical locations which make them likely to become your new repeat customers.

  • Directly link sales transactions back to prospects targeted
  • Clear picture of the impact to your bottom line, including New vs. Existing customer breakdowns
  • Includes a dashboard that allows you to view real sales connected to your campaigns
  • Good-Better-Best package options that include a mix of marketing channels and quantities tailored to your business

Custom Engagements

Customers often approach us for help solving their most challenging problems. We have experience creating products that help with maximizing delivery profitability, helping to identify what customers are ready for upselling, and how to organize your back room so that you can always get to the most used, most profitable products first.

Our consultative sales approach starts with research. Interviews and shadowing help us understand the underlying issues that are a pain point for you. We then move into prototypes that will ensure you get what you want from the solutions we create. With your feedback and our expertise, we will collaborate to create best in class products for your organization.

Key POS Partners

We are engaged with the industry’s most important POS providers. Our relationships with these companies make integration of your data into our software simple and fast.