When should suppliers accelerate and when should they apply the brakes? It is a question every automotive vendor struggles to answer. Does Torqata, a data and analytics start-up, hold the keys to data-driven market success?  By Marion Jablon Posen  If you read automotive press, attend automotive conferences and generally keep your ear to the automotive industry […]

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Trends and Treads: 2022 Wrap-up

March 2023 Torqata is proud to present Trends + Treads, a blog series that brings you actionable market insights in the automotive tire industry! We’re dedicated to equipping tire and service shops with actionable data and analytics tools that can help increase profits, identify blind spots in the business, and optimize the supply chain.  For […]

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The First Trends + Treads is Here!

We’re excited to share our very first issue of the Trends + Treads, a comprehensive digital briefing of the tire industry at its current state. Which, as you can imagine, that’s pure value for the tire retailer, distributor and manufacturer.  Treads + Treads visualizes for you the exact information you want about the industry:  Tire […]

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What’s New: Torqata Q2 2022 Release Notes

With 2022 halfway over and it’s multiple industry-wide impacts, Torqata remains committed to your success. Despite rising prices, supply chain stress and aging vehicles (average age is at a 12 year high!) we’re not slowing down in providing solutions and insights to help you navigate the miles ahead. This last quarter, we simplified and strengthened […]

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