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Torqata Data & Analytics Provides Market Intelligence on the Tire Industry for the 2024 Auto Care Association Factbook

Tire industry section is now expanded due to the partnership in the annually published book for the auto industry

Huntersville, N.C., June 19, 2023 – Torqata Data & Analytics, a software company in the tire industry offering market intelligence and real-time actionable data to the aftermarket auto industry, announced today that the company’s data was used in the newly released Auto Care Association’s 2024 Factbook to expand tire related data.

The award-winning Auto Care Factbook, available now, provides a comprehensive overview of the entire auto care industry. Torqata’s data and analytics used in the book expands the insights available to the industry. It provides the aftermarket auto care executives with insights that will help them make critical business decisions, including the tire industry. Additionally, tire operators will have a more comprehensive look into trends, industry-wide efficiencies, manufacturing updates, and other analytical information that will help customers save money, reduce waste, and lessen environmental impact by reducing the number of tires that remain on shelves indefinitely.

“We’re excited to publish the 2024 Factbook with expanded and new data, such as retail tire trends which will provide our members key insights into the retail tire market that were previously unavailable,”

“The Factbook is a compilation of everything you need to know, wherever you are in the supply chain and whatever your role is. We’ve partnered with the industry’s leading companies, like Torqata, to provide our members with the highest quality and most relevant data.”

Said Michael Chung, Director of Market Intelligence of the Auto Care Association.

Seen as the ultimate source for anyone associated with the auto industry, the Auto Care Association Factbook covers other items like ecommerce, rates of returns for parts compared to other industries, EV adoption, collision metrics, and more. It also includes interactive, up-to-date economic and industry indicator data via the Factbook TrendLensä platform.

“We are working with the Auto Care Association to identify ways to provide timely industry data,”

“We hope to continue and deepen our relationship with this important organization as we work to transform the industry by helping retailers make the right decisions based on customer data and purchasing trends.”

Said Tim Eisenmann, CEO of Torqata Data & Analytics.

Published annually, The Auto Care Factbook provides a baseline to the industry from the previous year. The report presents key data points for identified areas of the automotive aftermarket which are beneficial for executives to have insights and validated sets of data that can be used throughout the year to better serve clients and forecast profits.

About Torqata

Torqata Data & Analytics is a data analytics software company that helps tire manufacturers, distributors and retailers maximize profits and customer value by providing data visibility and connectivity across the supply chain. Torqata offers a full suite of data-driven software tools for pricing, inventory management, and sales insights designed to streamline operations and reduce or eliminate stale inventory. This allows manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to improve key areas of their business performance using patented technologies, and data-driven analytics and insights.

Torqata’s vision is to enable and inform manufacturers, distributors, service, and tire shop owners to source, price, and optimize their inventory; this reduces waste and drives profits through the entire distribution channel.

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